Somewhat finished game for GMTK-2019, survive in your polluting mech, while an increasingly large amount of enemies attack you.

You have one interaction, one life, and one world that you increasingly pollute.

Possibly Difficult to Parse Mechanics:

  • Shooting an enemy will pollute the land around them
  • Land that is polluted, but not fully polluted, will slowly reduce in pollution
  • Fully polluted land that gets more polluted (by you moving over it), will spread pollution to nearby tiles.
  • Game automatically resets when you die, but I didn't have enough time to implement a death screen, so it'll just look like a restart out of nowhere


Click on an empty space to move in a straight line
Click on an enemy to shoot in a straight line
Avoid the very polluted ground (purple that doesn't go away)
Avoid the line of sight of enemies


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